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Philip Theobold

  • Date admitted as a Solicitor: 7/1981
  • Called to the Bar: 8/1975 and 8/1986

Practice Areas:

Solely as family law mediator, arbitrator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

I do not accept court briefs.

Contact details:


3/1971 Graduated BA from University of New England.

8/1975 First admission as a Barrister in Queensland after completion of Barrister’s Board examinations.

7/1976 Admitted as a Barrister in New South Wales.

7/1981 Admitted as a solicitor in Queensland.

8/1986 Admitted again as a Barrister in Queensland.

2/2000 Graduated LLM. (Dispute Resolution) from Bond University.

4/2024 Admitted as a Barrister in Tasmania.

7/2025 Joined Derwent & Tamar Chambers in Hobart.

6/2016 Joined CB Chambers in Lismore